Green APU: Save Money and Secure your Investment

If you need an auxiliary power unit for your semi-trucks, Green APU is your best choice. With its advanced technology, Green APU has features that will enhance our customers’ lives at a very affordable price. It is versatile, convenient and durable. One of its unique features is its climate control. Compared to others, Green APU has climate control that automatically switches between cooling and heating, depending on the temperature set. This adds great comfort since the temperature changes throughout the year, and it is automatic that the driver does not have to change it. Other excellent features of this APU unit is the battery monitoring and charge mode, and the engine pre-heat. It is a common concern of drivers that batteries do not start the engine immediately when the temperature is low. That is why our APU is designed to automatically start and recharge the batteries to keep the maximum voltage and make sure that it starts instantly even if the truck APU has not been used for a long time.

Green APU’s goal is to provide comfort to our clients. Aside from the great features it has to offer, we also provide technical solutions. Our APU unit has a 2-year / 3000 hours warranty. We also assist our clients with financing and same day installation. If you need assistance, our technical support is available 24/7.

We take pride in our customers’ positive feedback. That is why we will continue to provide you with comfort for your truck APU.