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Our Green APU Shop is Here When You Need it for Your Auxiliary Power Unit

Our Green APU Shop is Here When You Need it for Your Auxiliary Power Unit
You have taken the step forward to a more economical drive with a truck APU installed on your rig and you are enjoying the benefits of automatic fuel savings and comfort. But the benefits don’t stop there. You can make the most of your auxiliary power unit and keep it operating well past our standard 2-year, 3000-hour warranty period by maintaining your semi-truck APU with the right parts and accessories found in our Green APU Shop.
Finding what you need for your truck APU is easy, simply visit our online Green APU Shop, select your engine type, and start shipping for the parts you’re looking for. We will ship your order to the destination of your choice, anywhere in the country, saving you a trip to the warehouse and keeping your long-haul trip on schedule.
There is no better way to ensure that your auxiliary power unit continues to operate efficiently, saving you money on fuel costs for a long time, than by checking out our Green APU Shop. It’s perfect for the convenience of keeping you on the road, where you want to be. And it’s an ideal way to ensure your Green APU remains fully operational with the attention it needs.
Look for your Green APU parts now and see how easy it is to have access to everything you need for your truck APU on our Green APU Shop.