KC Home Builders Chicago – Review


Review of KC Home Builders Chicago

Me and my wife had been saving up for a house, and we decided that we wanted to build our own. Well, have someone else build it for us, I should say! Upon doing a little research we stumbled upon a great home building company – KC Home Builders Chicago, IL and they seemed perfect. We gave them a call and they were ready to start discussing the plans with us right away. There were so many options to choose between!

They had pre-designed homes and the option to create custom homes! We looked through all of our options and found a pre-designed home that had everything we needed. The project stayed directly in our budget, and our team was so attentive to detail! Nothing was missed! We just finished moving in a month ago, and we can’t wait to roughcasting Edinburgh in our new, perfect home. If you live in Chicagoland and need a home—call them!