Peter Hardwood Flooring Contractors Chicago – Review


Peter Hardwood Flooring Contractors Chicago, IL – Hardwood Flooring Installation & Refinishing

I just inherited the old family home and while I love it, the floor was a little ragged. I thought I might have to entirely replace the floor. However, upon calling hardwood flooring expert like Peter Hardwood Flooring Contractors Chicago, IL in to take a look and give a quote, I discovered that hardwood floor refinishing was an option for my floor! Now my floor looks brand new, without all of the hassle! It took a few days to complete the process, but it was much simpler (and cheaper) than having a whole new floor installed. I wasn’t sure I liked the stain that had been in the house for years, but I was able to get that changed in the process. I love it so much! There are a couple of carpeted rooms that I don’t like, and I think I will be calling Peter Flooring to install hardwood flooring in them soon. Thank you, Peter Flooring!