Rainbow Janitorial Services Chicago – Review


Rainbow Office Cleaning & Janitorial Services Chicago, IL

We just started using Rainbow’s office cleaning services at my office and it has truly made such a large difference. You can even see a spring in the step of the employees as they enter the now consistently clean office. Before hiring Rainbow Janitorial Services Chicago the office wasn’t dirty, but it was cluttered and untidy. It wasn’t anything you’d notice if you didn’t see the results cleaning had. The quality of janitors from Rainbow Janitorial Services Chicago, IL is delighting! The bathrooms are now consistently stocked and cleaned. The break room is cleaned much more frequently than it was before, to the point that it practically shines. I never realized the carpet was dirty until I saw how clean it was after Rainbow Janitors cleaned it! And the garbage never builds up like it used to. I can’t thank Rainbow enough for their high quality, consistent cleaning services. When I looked over the budget, the cleaning services were actually saving us money! Thank you, Rainbow Janitorial Services Chicago!