CMS Hardwood Flooring Contractors Chicago – Review


CMS Hardwood Flooring Contractors Chicago

Our new home definitely had not been updated since the ‘70s. All of the bedrooms had horrible shag carpet that just had to go. We wanted hardwood flooring everywhere in the house that it was possible. We’ve always loved hardwood flooring: so sleek and sophisticated. So we started researching hardwood flooring companies and stumbled upon CMS Hardwood Flooring Contractors Chicago, IL. After talking to a few different companies, we decided to go with CMS.

They were entirely transparent and up front with us about the cost, timeframe, and anything else we wanted to know. Plus, they had a wide variety of wood types, colors, and finishing for us to choose from. The installation process was quite simple! They talked us through everything that needed to be done, and it was not drawn out one second longer than it needed to be! We were back to living in our living room and bedrooms in no time!