Metro Remodeling – Review

The Best Remodeling Contractors Chicago Has Ever Seen

Metro Construction & Remodeling are by far the best remodeling contractors Chicago has ever seen! At least, they are in my opinion! I hired them to finish my basement and they did an amazing job. Before they came in, my basement was what you would typically think of: dark, dreary, damp, and honestly a little creepy. But now, you would not realize that the basement is not just another normal floor of the house!

Remodeling Contractors Chicago Homeowners Need to Hire

Our finished basement is light, warm, cozy, and a great space to spend some extra time with my family. I love it. And Metro Remodeling Contractors were a great company throughout. The entire process was extremely affordable. They really, truly listened to what I wanted my basement to be—and they delivered! Each contractor was friendly and reliable. The job was done on time and looked amazing. It’s still hard to believe that it’s real and not my imagination!