Tile Contractors – Review


The Best Tile Installation Chicago Has Seen

Tile Contractors was amazing! They performed, by far, the best tile installation Chicago friends and family of mine have ever experienced—or myself for that matter. The staff at Andy Tile was very friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. I honestly wasn’t sure how much tile I needed or how to properly measure my room—but I didn’t need to worry—they did that for me as well as performing very high quality installation.

Tile Installation Chicago Homeowners Need

It did not take long for my new tile to go in. Within days of having made my initial request, we had a time set up and they got in and had it done! They ripped out my old, worn out floor and put in my brand new one! It looks amazing, and the price was quite low as well! If you need a new tile floor, I would definitely recommend checking them out. They definitely perform quality work and have a lot of tile options to choose from.
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