Eco Roofing Chicago – Review


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I am so grateful to Eco Roofing Companies Chicago. They did an amazing job on the roof replacement for my mother’s home. When my mother moved in with us, we wanted to sell her house but knew we’d get a better market value if we redid the roof. We started asking around about roofing companies Chicago friends of mine could recommend. Eco Roofing came up several times, and they also did great reviews, so I decided to give them a call. On top of being incredibly friendly, they seemed knowledgeable and very professional. Within a week of giving us a quote, they were hard at work replacing the roof with brand new asphalt shingles. They cleaned up after themselves when they left, and the house looks amazing! We put it on the market and it was whipped right up! I know the roof played a factor in that, and I have no doubt the new family living in that home will be highly satisfied with the work that Eco Roofing has done. Thank you so much! If you need flat roof repair chicago done, definitely look into this company. They perform both residential and commercial roofing, so just about everyone can benefit!

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