Air Temp Heating & Cooling – Review


Looking for HVAC contractors Chicago can trust? Air Temp Heating & Cooling, Inc. is the very best. Right as the temperatures dropped last winter, several radiators the apartment building I manage gave out. Of course I needed to get them fixed ASAP, and it was beyond the abilities of my general maintenance men. So I began researching contractors and I found Air Temp.

They were able to get all of the radiators fixed up in just a matter or days, and they performed all of the repairs at extremely reasonable prices. One of the radiators needed to be replaced, so they did that as well. So far, I have had no complaints from my tenants, and everything has been working just fine!

Everyone I spoke with at Air Temp was incredibly friendly and professional. They answered my questions promptly and were incredibly reliable with getting things done. I would not hesitate to call them again if I ever have issues with any sort of HVAC system in my own home or in the building I manage. They were great and easy to communicate with. I need to get a new air conditioner soon, and I already know who to call.

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