Perfect house for changing needs

Construction company to do the job

My wife and I love our beautiful house in the suburbs and we wouldn’t change it for any other. Place is perfect, surrounded by really old trees, where I could put a swing for children and house itself is really comfortable but… When our children started growing up, we wanted each of them has their own space, which at the time wasn’t possible. The house simply didn’t have enough rooms. Before the problem became urgent we started looking up construction companies in Chicago. After some consideration we decided on Bob Construction Companies as they specialize in different types of services.

Extension or layout change – you name it

It’s like we had a hunch or something for choosing that exact company, because when we were explaining the guys that we need an extension to the main body of the building, they just took a look on plans and suggested a layout change instead. Actually we loved the suggestion as that way we could keep the shape of our house intact and use more efficiently available space. We learnt how much we would pay long before any works had started, as we got free estimate. Last but not least, Bob construction contractors did excellent, high quality job changing layout of a top floor to accommodate additional room.
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