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When it’s time for your kitchen makeover

Recently I had my kitchen remodeled. Actually, the old furniture and fixtures were still serviceable but during the designing process, I haven’t taken into account young kids, absent-minded husband and playful cat. You know, high gloss furniture, lustrous countertops and glassy tiles were all nice and well but not with greasy fingerprints and food smears. I needed something low maintenance and soon. My sis took pity on me and said that she knows excellent company, “you know the one, who made Evie’s kitchen” (Evie is our friend). I knew and I liked the result, sow without further delay contacted Excellent Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Chicago. I had some ideas and thoughts on how I want the interior to look like no complete project. Nevertheless, that wasn’t the problem. Guys took all that different bits and pieces and turned them into complete design. Seeing it, I was sure that I would finally have great looking and functional kitchen.

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Functional kitchen with Excellent Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Chicago

Next step was the choice of materials. Everything Excellent contractors brought, was of superb quality. But real surprise came with an estimate. I probably had very funny face when guys told me, how I was going to pay. Well, actually, much less than I had expected. When that was settled, my crew got to work. They were very efficient and meticulous. I could see first results quickly and was pleased with them. I was pretty sure that final result would be stunning. And that was the case. What I love most are beautiful backsplashes made of mosaic glass. Even on the gloomiest day, they cheer me up with their vivid juicy colors. That’s how remodel kitchen should look like – exactly as I wanted it – functional and homey. I can wholeheartedly recommend Excellent for great design and excellent execution. They are simply the best.

kitchen remodeling contractors Chicago