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Frameless shower doors is a classy choice for your bathroom

Shower curtains went out with the window a long time ago. There’s no wonder it happened – they stick to the legs while you shower and make the whole experience rahter unpleasant. Bathroom is the place to relax after a long day (alongside the bedroom of course) and your day can’t be ruined because of the silly curtains.  This is why glass shower doors became so popular. Glass shower doors are simply beautiful. Especially frameless type. They look minimalistic and classy. Typical shower doors with rubber addictions can look bulky. With frameless glass doors, this problem is non-existent. They have more advantages – frameless shower doors minimize the number of places water can collect and mold can grow in your shower. They are also easier to clean, because there are no places that are hard to reach. You just swipe the surface, no scratching or rubbing. It’s crystal clean again! I’m pretty sure you are sold by now. But where can you get frameless shower doors in Chicago? Well, I have one particular company on mind and it’s called Glass Innovation.

frameless shower door by innovation

Get professional shower door installation in Chicago

This company has been serving customers from Chicagoland for a while now and has established high quality of performed services. Glass is a very delicate material and their craftsmen know exactly how to work with it to get the best results and don’t damage the smooth surface. At Glass innovation they offer large variety of door styles alongside frameless shower glass doors. Even the pickiest clients can find something for themselves. And if not, they offer custom shower doors for the most fussy cusotmers. Check out the gallery on their site to admire their work if you’re not sure yet. You will not be disappointed if you choose this company to install your frameless shower doors in your home in Chicago area.

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