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Bathroom makeover with quartz countertops

Recently I’ve been replacing my bathroom countertops as a part of total interior makeover. I didn’t have any doubts that I needed to find the best quartz countertops in Madison. You might think it overkill. After all, they weren’t supposed to make the place any more comfortable than average ones. Well, some people invest in top-notch appliances or high-end furniture. On the other hand, for me highest quality bathroom décor is a must, period. But to get there, I had to find appropriate quartz countertop supplier. You think, it’s easy, right? That’s true, there are companies aplenty and each of them claims to offer exquisite product and superb service. And then, you realize that many of them aren’t even able to answer your questions properly. So it took me quite a while before I found likely candidate for the job. Well, I don’t regret time spent on research because that way I was able to find perfect quartz distributor.

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Best quartz countertop company

My choice fell on RT Granite. Guys turned out to be very knowledgeable but they haven’t tried to peddle their ideas. I was sure what I wanted and didn’t need some contractor to know better. Of course, I wasn’t going to teach those guys their trade and when they made some technical suggestions, I graciously accepted. Our overall cooperation was seamless and everything went very smoothly. I knew my would-be quartz countertops were in good hands. It turned out that I was right. When guys arrived to install the whole thing, I could see for myself that each slab was ideally cut and fit perfectly in the intended place. New quartz countertops looked gorgeous and changed completely appearance of bathroom. I’m so glad, I’ve chosen RT Granite for the job and wholeheartedly recommend their service to any homeowner in need of new countertops.

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