The best chicago real estate listings with SAVVY Properties

The Best Properties on the Market

The best chicago real estate listings with SAVVY Properties

I chose SAVVY Properties to represent my home on MLS listings site in Chicago. I was able to choose flat fee MLS Chicago to make the best profit off my property. Choosing between the basic and premium options gave me a good variety of ways to list my property. With a 6 month listing period, I knew I would have an offer way before the time was up. The real estate agents that I consulted with provided fantastic help and steered me in the right direction. I would use this company if I need to list my property again in the future.

Save Time and Money on Your Listing

Working with SAVVY Properties, I was able to save money on the commission made toward my property. Many brokerage companies in the area need 5% of your total commission to list your property and SAVVY Properties offered a 2.5% commission. The Chicago real estate listings are a competitive market and having my property listed with SAVVY Properties has been a huge advantage. I’d recommend a flat fee MSL listing in Chicago to anyone wanting to get the best price for their property. Their experience and knowledge of the real estate market in Chicago are what make it work.



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