Fox Lake Motel – Bed & Breakfast

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Finding Cheap Chicago Motels for a Great Getaway

When we decided to take a mini vacation we looked through some Chicago area motels and found a wonderful place at Fox Lake Motel – Bed & Breakfast. It was just the kind of spot we were looking for to take a short few days in a relaxing and beautiful area. The people were so welcoming and treated us like valued guests during our stay with them. I wanted to find some cheap hotels near me in Chicago but then I expanded the search outside the city to really make our time feel more like a nice little vacation. That’s how my search for Fox Lake Hotels began but I quickly came upon the perfect motel to enjoy our time.

There is Nothing Better than a Fox Lake Bed and Breakfast

With so much nature to get in touch with while in the Fox Lake area, it was the perfect choice for our family to take a great long weekend trip just a short drive outside the city. The room was very comfortable and the service was really nice. Our Fox Lake experience was an amazing Chicago vacation that took us outside Chicago. My husband and our twin boys loved the great outdoors with all the hiking, swimming, and fun water sports we got the chance to take part in. We will definitely make this Fox Lake trip again and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quiet little adventure. Call Fox Lake Motel for your weekend vacation and enjoy everything the area has to offer while staying at a friendly and warm location.