Extreme Masonry – Professional Tuckpointing Contractor In Chicago

Extreme Masonry & Tuckpointing was here to provide me with terrific tuckpointing in Chicago. I wanted to take care of issues with the brickworks on my home and these masonry contractors in Chicago were experienced and knowledgeable with outstanding skills in tuckpointing. I could tell they had done this many times before on all kinds of structures. They offered their best recommendations on every part of my home, even the hard to reach areas. The tuckpointing on my Chicago home looked fantastic, so I’m very happy I went with these experts to have it done. I would recommend Extreme Masonry & Tuckpointing to anyone requiring professional tuckpointing contractors in the Chicago area. They have really impressed me with their great work.

When searching for a company that offered masonry and tuckpointing in Chicago, I found Extreme Masonry & Tuckpointing and chose them for their experience and excellent reviews. After my consultation with the tuckpointing contractors, I knew this was the right company for the job. We called Extreme Masonry & Tuckpointing in Chicago and they were able to make my home look amazing. When buying an older home, I understood that it would need repairs. As the Mortar was crumbling at the rear of my home, I wanted professional contractors that had tuckpointing experience and would be able to get my bricks back up to par. With winter now here, I’m glad I got this taken care of the right way. These tuckpointing contractors in Chicago completed the work properly and in perfect time just before the cold rain and snow hit. There is no way any water can leak through into my home now.