CUSTOM Masonry Contractors & Tuckpointing in Chicago

When it comes to tuckpointing, many homeowners don’t really know what it’s connected with. Let us explain a bit, this process refers to mortar joints repair which is achieved by grinding or raking old mortar and then refilling it with a new layer. Thanks to that your brick walls get the opportunity to preserve good condition for years.

CUSTOM Masonry Contractors in Chicago response to high tuckpointing demand and offer you best quality masonry repair and tuckpointing. We are the group of experienced and skilled workers and will do our best to gain your smile and satisfaction. Our mission is to work together and listen carefully to your needs and ideas. We can provide you with various masonry services starting with restoration up to fireplace installation and window caulking in Chicago. It doesn’t matter if your project will be small or large – we will make our job with the greatest involvement all the way. We are proud to hear positive feedback from our customers, but despite of it, we strive to further company development.

By choosing our company, you can get reliable brickworks in Chicago at really affordable prices. You are our customer, our top priority. Give us a chance to take care also about your masonry in Chicago.