Joe drain cleaning Chicago on the topic of drain maintenance.

The vast majority of us rely on our drains to allow filthy water to freely flow to our sewer system, either through pipes leading to our home sewer tank, or the primary line that funnels the sewage for a larger area, like in a major city. But while some take better care of this important aspect of our health and wellness, many people take it for granted.

Hair, food, items that fall in accidentally, and plenty of other things, can cause a clogged bathroom sink Chicago home, and while some are the nature of the beast, like beard trimmings and toothpaste, it is critical for your drain flow, and overall health of your pipes, that vigilance be maintained to keep those avenues free of debris.

The possible outcome of a continuously clogged drain is:

  • Having to call a drain cleaning plumber to fix your drain in Chicago.
  • The possibility of snaking the drain to unclog your bathroom sink in your Chicago home.
  • A comprehensive drain or sewer line repair in Chicago.

The benefits of proper drain maintenance:

  • Keep expensive repairs at bay.
  • Faster draining
  • Bad odors are no longer a problem
  • Improve your overall drain life

There are a few steps you can take to keep your drain clog-free.

  1. Using a steel mesh drain catch to capture larger items that might fall down your drain, like a ring or toothpaste cap.
  2. Using hot water to clean the toothpaste off your toothbrush.
  3. Lift your drain stopper and remove the hair that has accumulated.
  4. Run extremely hot water to flush your drains at least once a month.
  5. Run cold water when running the garbage disposal.

The best defense to prevent comprehensive drain cleaning  Chicago is your vigilance.