Security Camera Installation Glenview

Where To Place Your Security Camera in Glenview

Where you have a security camera installation Glenview is vital to securing your premises. Here are places to consider:

  • Ground-floor doors and windows: Burglars will most likely use points of entries like doors and windows, so they must be placed above windows and doors to get full coverage of these points of entry.
  • Main stairs or hallway: Connecting sections and high-traffic areas such as hallways and stairways should also have cameras.
  • Common areas: Your living room and kitchen are examples of common areas that you should have security cameras installed for safety.
  • Driveway: For this area, you should install an outdoor camera to identify intruders, especially at night.
  • Yard: Having a camera installation Glenview to survey your front and back yard is critical because thieves commonly hide out there, especially if your lawn is overgrown.
  • Second Floor: While you might not want a camera in private areas, having one in the hallway or above the doorway of these rooms can help you safeguard jewelry and other valuables. It also helps in the event of a criminal investigation.
  • Basement: As long as you have valuables in your basement, placing a security camera there is recommended.