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Steps to Preparation of Your Furnace Before Winter


The coldest weather of the season approaches and hits before you realize it. It would help if you did not depend on only your fireplace to warm up your home. You should make sure that your home’s heating system is ready for the winter period.

Below are steps to ensure that your unit stays ready for the cold season:


  •         Air filter replacement

Replacement of indoor air filters is an essential maintenance duty in ensuring the efficiency of the heating unit. You can get help from any furnace replacement Prospect Heights company or your local hardware store.


  •         Vet the vents

Dirt and debris usually accumulate on vents that have lasted for an extra time. The cleaning process here is relatively easy. All you need is a wet cloth and wipe through thoroughly. During this process, remove any items that tend to block the vents. Always be on the lookout when brushing.


  •         Test ride your furnace

Before the cold comes, always make sure you have tested up your furnace. Stay keen and on the lookout once you have switched on your furnace.

Look out for rattling and banging sounds. Lastly, confirm that the thermostat is working correctly and each room is receiving a comfortable temperature.


  •         Practice safety

To prevent potential fire hazard, remove any clatters around the heating unit. You can also ask a furnace repairman Prospect Heights company  to check if your carbon monoxide detector is working. Battery replacement can also be done if required.


It’s important to prepare your furnace before winter so that it can work effectively. The above steps are crucial in helping you to do this.