Custom Closets Pompano Beach & Custom Cabinets Pompano Beach

MEBEL Cabinets has years of experience working with custom cabinets and custom closets West Palm Beach. We know trends are easy to follow but one must be careful because your home should be your happy place and we don’t recommend you make a lifetime decision like kitchen remodeling based on what everyone else is doing. Your house should represent you and your own style, not your neighbors.


We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, we should enjoy the way it looks and the way it functions. That is why cabinets should be a solution for your home that can also bring pleasant and long-lasting results enjoyable for all of your family and friends.  


Let’s share some design tips and knowledge on how to properly use your cabinets:


  • A good piece of advice is for you to first investigate and create a creative mood board. It’s a tool to help you visualize your amazing ideas. Then, add your own personal taste and be very mindful about what your expectations and budget are.


  • Customize your cabinet and select durable materials like wood. Think about all your cooking equipment, silverware, dishes, and food you need to store. Plan the number of cabinet spaces you need based on those factors and please don’t forget to incorporate your kitchen equipment such as the dishwasher, oven and refrigerator. 


  • Neutral tones never go out of style and can be used for walls and some decorations. They are easily accentuated and give a calming effect. Shaker cabinets are always a favorite, simple design. You can play around with and adapt the colors of the cabinets and floors.


Mebel custom cabinetry West Palm Beach is ready to answer your questions and help you create your dream house. Visit our Website now!