Mario Hardwood Floor Installation – No Worries About Damaged Hardwood Floors

When our hardwood floors looked old and damaged, we were concerned that we would have to replace them with new floors, costing us thousands of dollars in the process. But Mario Hardwood Flooring had other ideas that would end up saving us all that money while also getting our floors back in great shape.

Mario Hardwood Flooring offered us their hardwood floor repair, IL and we are very thankful for it. Their contractor was able to completely eliminate all the damage, one board at a time, making our floor look like it did years ago. He worked with a purpose to get the job done but he was also very friendly while he worked, talking about how he would repair every bit of damage found. That allowed us to relax, knowing that our floors were in good hands.

Great Service for Hardwood Floor Repair

When we called Mario Hardwood Flooring about our damaged floors, we had some major concerns over replacement costs, how the new floors would look, and what other options we might have to consider. The experts there were very reassuring as they explained what they could do that would allow us to keep our current hardwood floors and still get that great new floor shine.

They were so confident and pleasant that it made us feel much more comfortable with the hardwood floor refinishing Palatine. We were so pleased with how everything was handled and, of course, with the repair that was done to our floors. Mario Hardwood Flooring Refinishing provided us with exactly the right service we needed with just the right approach. They deserve our recommendation and our gratitude.