Scalp Hair Micropigmentation Chicago

Many men go through the painful hair loss process. There are also women who suffer through thinning hair.  Luckily there are now a variety of solutions available for these often-embarrassing issues.  OM Spa Hair Micropigmentation Chicago offers a revolutionary, non-invasive, permanent solution for scalp, beard or other body part hair loss. Hair micropigmentation is a solution that permanently recreates the appearance of hair follicles.

This is done in the form of basically a hairline tattoo applied to the top epidermal layer, remaining there permanently.  In cases of scalp micropigmentation, this mimics the look of a realistic hairline.  This simple hair tattoo procedure can be applied to any body part depending upon the client, in order to increase self-confidence and creating a natural look.  Women with thinning hair can use scalp hair micropigmentation to provide the appearance of a fuller head of hair.  Using the process of beard micropigmentation in Chicago, a full permanent beard can be obtained for mean with patchy beards.  The process can be completed quickly, regardless of age, hair color, or gender.

OM SCALP Hair Micropigmentation Chicago is well-known for our professional technicians offering the best hair replacement treatments using the newest tools and techniques available in the Chicago area.  From hair tattoo to facial micropigmentation, count on us as your best option for innovative hair manipulation techniques.