How to Determine if Your Chicago Deck Needs Repair

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Here are some tips to help you determine whether you need deck repair or replacement.

There are four main areas that you need to pay attention to.


With all wooden surfaces exposed to the elements, you will find that harsh sunlight will fade the boards, and water penetration will damage wood fibers, causing rot. The surface of a deck includes handrails, and steps, and of course, the boards themselves. 


A thorough inspection by a decking Chicago contractor will include the vertical deck posts and the footings. Water can accumulate at the base of the wooden posts and around the footings. This is especially significant where the bottom of the post meets the footings. Another spot to look is where the beams are attached to the posts. Here is another vulnerable spot for water collection.


An inspection of your horizontal beams and joists is crucial. The beams and joists underneath your floorboards hold your deck up. Beams are the larger pieces of wood, whereas the joists are found between the beams structurally supporting the beams. Horizontal lumber has more chance of rotting than vertically placed lumber.


The board that wraps around the deck’s perimeter is called the fascia and is there purely for aesthetic reasons—making your deck neat and more attractive looking. This is another spot where water can accumulate, so make sure you check that too.


After your inspection, you can determine if you need help from a professional decking Chicago company. We also offer deck staining and sealing and waterproofing, and refinishing in Chicago, along with repair and replacement.