Air Conditioning Summer Tips

 If you’re looking for some summertime tips to handle your air conditioning and keep you cool while saving you money, you’re in the right place. An air conditioning unit is an excellent way to stay comfortable during the heat of summer, but it can be quite costly to run if you’re not careful. So with that in mind, here are some great tips on using your air conditioning to stay cool without paying through the nose on your energy bills.


Get AC Maintenance Before Summer Hits

An air conditioning unit can attract plenty of dust, allergens, and debris when not cleaned regularly. So it may not perform as expected as your air conditioner may work harder to do its job. That leads to more wear and tear on the unit. Plus, a dirty AC unit may pose a health concern. With DucTech Air Conditioning Aurora, you can have a clean air conditioning system with replaced filters and the necessary AC repairs for a smooth operation.


Turn Off Your AC at Night

At the peak of summer, you may want that added cool air at night, but remember that it is usually cooler during those hours, so you can take advantage of that nighttime air by opening your windows. Or you might consider a ceiling fan to circulate the air indoors. Ceiling fans cost very little to operate compared to your air conditioning. At the very least, you can raise your temperature setting in your home on those very hot nights. Contact us – DucTech Air Conditioning Northbrook.


Seal Your Drafts

If your space takes longer to cool than it should, you may have an air leak that’s letting the cool air out. Look for cracks in your trim around doors and windows and make sure those close tightly too. Adding insulation around the ductwork may also help. If in doubt, call for DucTech air conditioning Arlington Heights to have a look.  


The Proper AC Goes a Long Way

When you need a new AC replacement, make sure you look for an air conditioning unit that will offer the right level of cool air. Bigger is not necessarily better. A more powerful air conditioner will use more energy, so planning for the right size of air conditioner for your space is important. Think about the number of rooms you have to cool and the number of floors. How you address those concerns will lead you to the right air conditioning system. Call DucTech Air Conditioning Wood Dale.


Think Long-Term

Go beyond your air conditioning unit to find ways to cool your living space. That might include planting trees near your home for shade, or you may want to add insulation to your home, particularly in the attic.


Go with DucTech Air Conditioning Service

DucTech Air Conditioning Downers Grove has the expertise you need for a wide range of air conditioning services for both commercial and residential properties. From AC installation to AC repair and maintenance, you can count on us to do it right. Call us today for your AC service.