BART Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago – Review


BART Tuckpointing Chicago & Masonry Contractors Chicago, IL

bart-tuckpointingWhen our fireplace needed updating, we called Bart Tuckpointing. They came highly recommended from a friend. Our home is quite old, and we noticed that certain parts appeared to be starting to crumble. Bart Tuckpointing was able to repair the problem immediately. Their repair looks great! You can’t even tell that a portion of the fireplace had to be fixed! We don’t have a lot of money to spare, but when we received our quote we were amazed at just how affordable it really was.

We have a few other masonry structures around our home that could use a little work. The staff at Bart Tuckpointing Chicagotook a peek while we were over. They said it will need work but wasn’t an urgent concern quite yet. We are saving up to have those repairs performed and will definitely be calling Bart Tuckpointing Contractors again. Chicagoland masonry owners, you can trust Bart Tuckpointing!