Sezor Roofing – Review

How to have best of both worlds

As a perfectionist I want all the house repairs and maintenance to be long lasting and of the highest quality. So when the time came to replace roof cover on my house I wanted to find roofing contractor who could provide me with excellent service and resistant but not overpriced covering material. First requirement was quite realistic but even I had some doubts about the second. Sezor Roofing Companies Mt Prospect, IL proved them unnecessary.

Roof cover replacement doesn’t have to take long

Upon discussing my needs with company I received proposition of using asphalt shingles as a new roof cover. I learnt that they have better resistance to wind, hail and fire damage than some of others materials, and are light weight as well. After deciding on covering material I asked about the cost. Being given the quote I realized that asphalt shingles have excellent price-quality ratio and are very affordable type o covering material. On top of being inexpensive they are very easy to install. At least that’s how it looked like when the guys form Sezor Roofing Companies came to do the replacement. They had all of the shingles replaced in a matter of minutes. Ok, I’m exaggerating here but they were really efficient and precise. That’s what I call excellent workflow.