IMAGO Glass Shower Doors Chicago & Shower Enclosures Chicago – Review

Creature comforts and bathroom décor

Redecorating a bathroom isn’t the most vital thing to have ones hygiene needs met. But everybody loves her own creature comforts, and has things cannot live without, mine being an elegant bathroom. Necessary part of these décor is in my case proper shower enclosure with glass frameless shower doors. Why is that so? Shower curtains are less than decorative and difficult to keep neat and tidy, plastic shower doors are cheap but deteriorates too quickly for my liking (I don’t have the intention of indefinitely redecorating my bathroom). So the glass was the thing, particularly with frameless setting which allows me to visually expanded small interior.

How I made my bathroom classy with custom shower doors?

I’ve carefully chosen the company for my undertaking deciding on IMAGO Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures Chicago. Why them? The most important criterion was vast choice of options. As I was already sure that I want go for frameless style, my only concern was a type o glass. All of them had their own merits and drawbacks so I discussed the opportunities with staff , which helped to narrow my choice to smooth, clear, tempered glass shower doors. The additional bonus was very efficient installation service. And, if I ever needed something completely different in style they were always there to accommodate my needs.