What’s the difference?

Do you know that there is a difference between a wood shake and a shingle? We didn’t and simply assumed that it’s the same thing that goes by different names. To our great astonishment upon receiving a quote from Renovax Roofing Companies Chicago, we learned that what both materials have in common is wood and being put on the roofs. So what’s the difference then? A wood shake is made by splitting with mallet a piece of wooden log to give it tapered shape with rough surface facing the sun. A shingle on the other hand is made by sawing wood on both sides.

Wood shingles for rustic look and sustainability

Ok, but which one is better then, we asked our roofing contractors – Renovaxx Roofing Company Chicago. As a result we ended up roof made of wood shingles. They were slightly cheaper than shakes but that wasn’t the whole point. Shingles are more uniform in their shapes and because of this easier to lay in such a way to avoid penetration by the elements. Thanks to installation of wooden roof with have now house with that beautiful rustic look and lower heat and electricity bills (air-conditioning ). And on top of that its environmentally friendly.