Looking For Epoxy Flooring Chicago? Check Our Services!

Planning to add flooring to your basement? Then you have probably come across or heard about the epoxy flooring system for residential basements in Chicago. With a wide selection of flooring options out there, what really makes epoxy special? Why do homeowners and commercial property owners love it? 

This blog post aims to help you understand the benefits of epoxy flooring Chicago and why it is a popular option among all flooring types in the market over the past decades.

Epoxy is known to have a resinous compound with many variations, two of which are the solvent-based epoxy, and the other being the solid epoxy base. Many epoxy flooring companies in Chicago prefer using a solid epoxy system applied by their seasoned contractors. Solid epoxy base consists of two major components – hardener and resin. On the other hand, solvent-based epoxy systems require resins, hardeners, filler, and water. 

With a solid composition epoxy, you get a stronger surface, quicker cure time, and higher resistance. Your local contractor may recommend higher or lower thickness, depending on how you will be using your basement. Whichever your contractor recommends  should effectively improve the durability of your concrete floors in Chicago for a more polished look and long-term functionality. 

For your concrete polishing, trust our seasoned contractors to give your floors a professional touch. Call us today at Peter Epoxy Paint, Inc.!