Popular Basement Remodeling Trends with KOS Home Improvement

So you have finally decided to push through with the basement remodeling for your home in Mount Prospect! Some homeowners overlook the beauty of a refurbished basement, so taking this step is already a huge accomplishment in itself! 

Now the question is, what kind of room should you have? There are plenty of choices out there for your choosing. To give you an idea, below are some trends in the market right now.

Spare Bedroom

Having an extra bedroom in your basement comes in handy whether you have a big family or you love having guests over, which tends to turn into a last-minute sleepover. This also provides a cozy spot if you ever have an elder or elders in your house who prefer a room in isolation for some quiet. Whichever it may be, our skillful remodeling contractors from Mount Prospect can transform your basement into one solid bedroom.

Home Basement Bar

Why head out if you can stay inside? With a home bar right in your basement, you can have friends come over and drink until you drop without worrying about the hours. You can have everything downstairs Рstool, tables, booze, even a karaoke machine. Overall, a basement renovation, basement finishing, or basement  remodeling Mount Prospect can increase the value of your residential property.

Man Cave

Enjoy your own place in the comfort of your basement! Feel free to lay all your essentials in a room where you can spend hours and have everything you need! From quiet contemplations to video games to binge-watching feel-good series, our expert basement remodeling contractors at KOS Home Improvement can touch up your space with some good ole basement finishing.