Chimney Repair in Chicago | LMJ Masonry Repair

Many elements go into masonry repair and chimney service.  Springs, flashing, cracked bricks and mortar, caps, roofing, damage, gas lines, and waterproofing.  LMJ Masonry Chimney Services leads the pack of chimney repair in Chicago.  We proudly share our knowledge, expertise, and experience as we address any and all of your chimney repair and masonry needs.  We aim to provide exceptional, quality service and customer satisfaction to ensure your chimney service job will go smoothly and correctly from start to finish by our team of qualified masons.  At the end of your project, not only will you have fantastic results, but we will also leave your space cleaner than it was when we arrived.  We are passionate about our work and dedication to our customer’s satisfaction, accommodating our jobs to their needs, from the first estimate to the end of the project.  LMJ Masonry is your top choice for chimney repair.