Solar Panel Installation | SolarWerks LLC Solar Panel Installer

As a leading solar panel installer, Solar Werks LLC. designs and installs electricity-generating solar panel systems for commercial/industrial businesses and homes. Solar panels convert sunlight energy into electricity.

Generally, businesses or homeowners keep their utility connection to the grid and incorporate solar panel installation to generate some or all of their own electricity. A solar system tied to the grid offsets the property’s load demand with the array’s generation capacity, drawing from the grid as necessary, or loading excess solar-generated power into the grid… fundamentally ‘spinning back the electric meter’.

In many cases, we suggest customers base the size of their grid-tied system on the amount of electricity they utilize during their average load months, ordinarily March/ April for Chicago homes. This practice commonly results in a system that will cover an estimated 60-70% of the property’s annual electricity usage. Contact us for details and an assessment appointment.