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A smart lock is an element that any business manager or owner would be wise to include in their collection. Although smart locks may be considered too advanced by some, they are simple to use, and the benefits are infinite! Check out a few of the advantages of smart locks:

No Keys Needed: Rather than using and losing your facility/office key, you can simply use your phone to unlock your door. Certain smart locks operate with a keypad as well, eliminating the need for keys.

Unlock at a Distance: When you are nowhere near your office, you still have the capability to utilize your smart lock’s virtual unlocking capabilities to allow entrance to customers or staff. We recommend integrating a surveillance camera to ensure this process is as safe and secure as possible.

Essential Alerts: Smart locks are able to send your phone an alert each time anyone visits your property.

Advanced Biometrics: Advanced features such as eye scans and handprints offer you an additional way to secure your business.

Second City Locksmith has vast knowledge of every one of the latest technological advancements and can help you determine which ones will truly increase your business’s security. Find out more about your locksmith Chicago.