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3 Residential Electrical Problem Examples

1. Steady Light Flickering

If your lights keep flickering even once you have changed your light bulbs or installed new light fixtures, it might indicate that it is time to consult a licensed electrician Chicago residents rely on to figure out what is causing the problem.

2. Outlets Heat Up When Devices are Plugged In

If you observe that your outlets are becoming hot or warm once a device has been plugged in, this signals defective wiring or further damage. They should be inspected and replaced immediately as this heat may ultimately lead to an electrical fire or other considerable hazards.

3. Plugs Frequently Fall out of the Outlets

Outlets are meant to possess contacts that grip cord prongs, providing a secure connection. Worn or loose contacts may cause an arc or even electrocution. If you observe plugs that are loose or falling out of an outlet, the moment has come to replace it.

For additional information about common home electrical issues and how to resolve them, contact the T&D Electrical team of electrical contractors Chicago property owners prefer. We will gladly respond to any questions you might have.