*We Prepare our food with the finest organic and hormone free HOKA Turkey. Never Frozen*

Whole Turkey:
12-14lb: serves 10-12 people $50
17-19lb: serves 14-18 people $60

1. Whole Roasted with Bread Stuffing
2. Whole Roasted with Meat & Cranberry Stuffing
3. Whole Roasted with Liver Stuffing

1. Roasted Turkey Leg Marinated in Herbs (4.99lb)
2. Roasted Turkey Leg Stuffed with Veal in Hunter Sauce (4.99lb)
3. Roasted Turkey Breast with Cheese & Dill inside or Herb & Cheese (5.99lb)
4. Turkey Breast Baked with Cheese, Mushroom, and Onions (5.99lb)
5. Homemade Baked Turkey with Rosemary (6.99lb)
6. Homemade Baked Turkey with Dill (6.99lb)
7. Homemade Baked Turkey with Garlic & Fajita Seasoning (6.99lb)

Hot Sides Cold Sides
1. Baked Potato (3.99lb) 1. Multi-Vegetable Salad (3.99lb)
2. Boiled Potatoes with Dill (3.99lb) 2. White Cabbage with Oil (3.99lb)
3. Sweet Potato (3.99lb) 3. Spring Salad (3.99lb)
4. Potato Casserole (3.99lb) 4. Mushroom Salad (3.99lb)
5. Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes (3.99lb) 5. Red Beet Salad (3.99lb)
6. Wild Rice with Dried Cranberries (3.99lb) 6. Jellied Turkey with Vegetables (4.99lb)
7. Cranberry-Apple Sauce (3.99ea 32oz) 7. Turkey Loaf with Dill (4.99lb)
8. Almond-Raisin Sauce (3.99ea 32oz) 8. Turkey Plate (4.99lb)
9. Turkey Gravy (3.99ea 32oz)
10. Glazed Carrots (3.99lb)
11. Roasted Winter Vegetables (3.99lb)