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Why I Love Millwork Cabinets

As an architect in New York and a lover of all things wood, millwork cabinets are one of my favourite furnishings. You can use them in bedrooms, living rooms, even kitchens. When you’re working with big clients, they want unique. They want something that nobody else has. Whether it’s a bespoke custom piece of furniture for a restaurant or office, or a custom feature display in a million-dollar mansion, it’s extremely important to understand the client’s requirements. This can be extremely difficult, especially when dealing with wealthy, and rather extravagant clients.

Millwork Cabinets New York

My Favourite Millwork Company New York

However, when I was first finding my way, the most difficult thing I found was imprinting the client’s idea’s and requirements onto the millwork companies I was working with in New York. That was until I found RAF TECH Group Custom Millwork New York. When I first walked into their office, they greeted me with the upmost welcome. I instantly knew I had a connection with these people. The first project we worked on together turned out to be a breeze. The communication between us was amazing, yet it didn’t require me to respond to emails or phone calls every day. Once they understood my needs, the delivery was flawless. I couldn’t have been more please. It’s been the same ever since.
If you’re considering having any of your own millwork done, I wouldn’t look anywhere beyond these guys. The relationship I now have with them is probably the best thing to come out of it.